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Top Fuel Harley (TFH) 1/4 Mile

CLUB COLORS: No Outlaw Bike Club Colors / Logo's allowed on Riders and or Crew Members at any ADRL Event. No Exceptions!

ENGINE:  Must keep design feature of Harley-Davidson engines (pushrod, 45-degree to 90-degree V-Twin).  Carbureted or fuel-injected engines with a maximum displacement of 200 cid.  An SFI-accepted engine restraint system mandatory.

BELLY PAN:  Mandatory.

CYLINDER HEAD:  Aftermarket pushrod heads (including 4-Valve) permitted.
FUEL:  All fuels other than nitromethane and methanol prohibited.

SUPERCHARGER:  Permitted.  All units must have rubber manifold connections or some form of "sneeze" valve to relieve pressure.

VENT TUBES:  Crankcase and all tanks containing fluids must have vent tubes routed to catch can or have a non-spill breather system on a motorcycle.

CHAIN GUARD:  Mandatory on all motorcycles.  Chain guard must be .060-inch steel or 1/8-inch aluminum.  Chain guard must cover the width and at least the top run of the chain, from centerline to centerline of sprockets.

CLUTCH:  Any type clutch, including multi-stage setup, permitted.  Clutch must have a protective guard made of .060-inch steel or 1/8-inch aluminum.

TRANSMISSION:  Any transmission or high-gear-only system may be used.

BRAKES:  Hydraulic type, front and rear, mandatory.  Steel-braided lines mandatory.  Brake lines must be routed and mounted to ensure no contact with moving parts.  Two-rotor front brakes permitted.  Minimum size:  11-inch diameter, 3/16-inch thickness for single rotor, 9-inch diameter, 1/8-inch thick dual rotor brakes.  Parachutes are mandatory on all bikes.

CONTROLS:  Handlebar controls must be located in safe, workable position.  Foot pegs and foot controls must be located in safe, workable position and must be mounted in an accepted manner.  Rider must be able to shut off fuel without removing hands from handlebars.  A secondary shut off device must be attached to rider in the event of a premature exit from motorcycle.  This device must control the fuel valve.  Dual cable push-pull throttle assembly is mandatory.  Lanyard for secondary shut off must be run through eyelet, allowing the lanyard to be pulled in any direction to force shut off.

SUSPENSION:  Front suspension minimum size: 32mm.  Minimum travel:  2 inches.  Steering dampener mandatory.  Rear suspension permitted.  Fork stops required; must limit the turning arc to 28 degrees.

WHEELIE BARS:  Wheelie bars mandatory.  Minimum length, from centerline of rear axle to centerline of wheelie-bar axle: 84 inches; maximum length is 120 inches.  Must be securely cross-braced.

FRAME:  Aftermarket frames permitted.  All frame components, except braces, brackets and gussets, must be manufactured from minimum 1 1/8-inch x .065-inch 4130 chrome molly tubing.  All welding must be done by approved Heli arc process.  Rake angle must be at least 40 degrees.  All butt welds must have visible reinforcement.  Plating of frame prohibited.  Painting permitted.  Frames constructed before 1999 and approved for competition may use 1-inch x .58-inch tubing.

GROUND CLEARANCE:  Minimum of 2 inches with rider on bike with 10 psi in rear tire (includes exhaust and kickstand).

WHEELBASE:  Minimum 85 inches.

TIRES:  Must be specified for racing use by manufacturer.  Any rear-tire size is permitted.

WHEELS:  Rear-wheel minimum:  15-inch diameter; maximum, 18-inch diameter.  Front-wheel minimum:  16-inch diameter; maximum, 19-inch diameter.

SEAT:  Seat, tail section, and rear fender may be incorporated as one unit and must include a step to prevent rider sliding backward.

BODY:  No body parts are necessary, except rear fender that must cover the width of the tire and extend past the rear axle.

FAIRINGS:  Permitted.  All units must be solidly mounted to frame.


CONTROL SWITCHES:  Must be mounted and constructed in an accepted manner.  Must have an emergency fuel and ignition kill switch.

IGNITION:  Any ignition system permitted.

STARTING SYSTEM:  Must be electric external starter.  Battery top covers required.  No push starts.  Jack stands mandatory for starting.

COMPUTERS/DATA RECORDERS:  Can be used for information gathering only.

CREDENTIALS:  Valid NHRA completion license mandatory.

HELMET:  Full-face helmet meeting SN 2010 or newer mandatory.  Eject Helmet Removal System part # SDR 890-01-30 mandatory and must be installed as per manufacturer’s instructions.  A SFI 3.3 stand 21 lid lifter may be used in lieu of the Eject system.

PROTECTIVE CLOTHING:  Full all-leathers or SFI Spec 40.1/2 suit, leather boots that completely cover the ankle with toe-area reinforcement, and full-finger leather gloves are mandatory.  Gloves must be Kevlar-lined or equipped with slide buttons and have knuckle armor and palm reinforcement.  Suits may be one-piece design or joined with a zipper at the waist.  Reinforcement and/or armor in the knee, elbow, shoulder and knuckle areas required.  Spine/back protector and ballistic chest protector mandatory

Outlaw Pro Stock (OPS) (1/4th Mile 13 Entries or More 16 Car Field – 12 Entries or Less 8 Car Field)

RF SHTUDOWN RECEIVER: Properly functioning Electrimotion shutoff device (part numbers SB001 and RF001) recommended.



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